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Payment for Anesthesia Services

Payment Instructions for Patients Having Anesthesia Services

Please Note: Anesthesia charges are seperate from you oral surgeon's charges

Patients that are self-pay must pay on the date of service unless other arrangements have been made prior to the date of service. Patients with insurance coverages for anesthesia for dental procedures will be billed after we submit a claim to the carrier.

When we submit to your insurance carrier one of the following will occur:

  1. They will process the claim and pay us directly for our services.

  2. They will process the claim and pay a percentage of the allowed amount and the insured will be required to pay a portion.

  3. The carrier might deny the claim as a non-covered service. Or they might deny because your benefits have been maxed out, meaning the patient or family have already used the allotted amount for the year. In that case, we will accept the contract allowed amount.

  4. The carrier could suspend payment until another carrier that they think is primary processes the claim. This is coordination of benefits. The carriers feel another carrier should process and pay the first claim. If you have no other coverage it is up to the insured to contact the carrier and inform them there is no other coverage.

  5. Your carrier could also process the claim and show an allowed amount but apply the entire amount to your annual deductible which has not been met. The insured would be responsible for that allowed amount, co-pay, and/or deductible.

For patients with only Delta Dental coverage, we will accept their contract allowance but the patient or insured will be responsible to pay Lehigh Anesthesia the contract amount as long as the claim has been processed correctly. Delta Dental will never send their payment to us directly. The payment and explanation of benefits will go to the insured. It is essential that the payment and explanation of benefits be sent to us. You may have a 2nd carrier we can bill and it will show us the contract allowance. Even if Delta Dental denies the claim we need a copy of the denial. If the patient is having impacted wisdom teeth removed or another medical procedure, we will NOT be billing Delta Dental first. We will submit the claim directly to the medical carrier. They may deny and ask for dental explanation of benefits. If you have any questions, please call our office.