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Post-Operative Care For Sinus Opening

After Dental Extractions

Under certain circumstances when the roots of an upper tooth lies close to the floor of the sinus (air) cavity within the upper jawbone, an opening into the sinus may occur with the removal of an upper tooth.

In most cases as the blood clot forms within the socket it will seal the opening. It is therefore important that you follow these instructions to help retain this blood clot:

  • 1. Hold and bite on the gauze sponges directly over the socket with firm pressure until bleeding stops (6-10hours).
  • 2. Do NOT blow your nose until the doctor has had a chance to evaluate the healing at your post-op appointment.
  • 3. Do NOT sneeze with your nose pinched together, let the sneeze come out through your mouth.
  • 4. Do NOT smoke until the doctor checks your healing process.
  • 5. Do NOT a straw to drink fluids.
  • 6. Take the medications prescribed for you.
  • 7. Let us know if you have any concerns.

Thanks for your cooperation. Following these instructions is important in your healing process and can help avoid additional treatment or surgical measures for the sinus opening problem.